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How to Pack Your Photography Bag for Your Next Travel Photography Adventure

How to pack your photography bag for your next travel photography adventure

Whenever you’re planning a travel photography trip you always have to consider the issues of all the equipment that you need and all the way to your willing to carry. The purpose of this post is to help you get the list of must haves and then also help you eliminate what you don’t need.


Arizona Photography Adventure

Escape the Cold for a Arizona Photography Adventure If you are from a northern climate anywhere in the world, you may know the stir crazy affect that happens as a brutal winter wears on. One way to combat the effect of stir crazy disease is plan a trip to a warmer climate in late February or […]


The Exposure Triangle: Learning How to Get That Perfect Image

You have most likely heard many times that photography is painting with light. That may seem a bit nebulous right now but as you learn to see more clearly you will begin to see how true this statement is. So if this is true, we need to understand how to control the capturing of the light that is available to us.

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