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Minnesota Autumn Beauty

Minnesota Autumn Beauty : Visual Poetry

I find that as I get a little bit older I seem to be loving autumn more and more.
For the vast majority of my life I have been a summer person I love the long days I love the heat I love the bright lights I love getting outside and doing all the activities that you can do in the summer from water related activities to hiking biking all of it I love summer. But even though I love summer my passion for autumn is growing.


Tutorial How to Create Realistic HDR Images

Photography Tutorial How to Create Realistic HDR Images

I frequently get the question, “How do you create such amazingly realistic HDR images?” Well in this tutorial I will walk you through the process that I use to create realistic amazing HDR images.

You can catch the video here on Youtube: Tutorial How to Create Realistic HDR


How To Create Amazing Images ~ Selecting A Subject

Many times I get asked by the people that view my work, how do you create such amazing pictures? I certainly believe there is an attribute of God given talent that helps, but there are also certain characteristics anyone can learn to improve their photography.

I decided to create a three part series called “How To Create Amazing Images” to cover the main topics that will help you create great images.


How Do I Use My Camera Setting Aperture Priority

I frequently get the question, how do I use my camera? Or How do I use on the setting on my camera?

What I have found is that the vast majority of people get a camera and then start using it in fully automatic mode, meaning the camera is deciding all the settings to use and taking relatively good pictures with those settings.


What is the Best Camera to Buy?

I often get the question what is the best camera to buy? I think the actual question is, what is the best camera for me and my style of shooting?

The answer to that question question is always really quite simple, the best camera for you is the one that you always have with you and you know how to shoot with, see simple.


Photography Newsletter Subscription

Photography NewsLetter Subscription You have been asking us how you can keep up with all the latest news and events of Wayne Moran Fine Art Photography.  We quickly realized that we have two separate audiences that would want very different information.  Therefore we have created two separate subscriptions to better serve you. Wayne Moran Fine […]

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