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Photography Tutorial How to Photograph Eagles

Photography Tips – How to Photograph Eagles

If you are anything like me you love the majestic beauty of eagles. You may have also dreamed of photographing these beautiful birds. But you may not be a nature photographer with all the high-end equipment like a 500 mm lens, an expensive high end tripod or mono-pod and camouflage gear etc.

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How To Take Fireworks Pictures 6 Easy Steps

It is almost 4th of July again and you are preparing to be able to shoot some amazing fireworks shots but you just do not know how to do it. Well my friends, you have come to the right place. I love the big fireworks celebrations and capturing the grand fireworks displays we have across the country is a perfect way to remember the great celebration.
So what do you need to be able to capture great images of the celebration? We have compiled a quick and easy list to get you going to get some great results.

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