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Cathedral of Saint Paul – Preparing for Easter II

As we are in Lent preparing for Easter I had to get over to the St Paul Cathedral to attempt to capture they way they prepare for Easter in that magnificent structure. This is one of the images that I captured.


Spring flowers in MN.

Spring flowers in MN., a photo by !!WaynePhotoGuy on Flickr. Spring flowers in MN.


First Attempts at Recording Video on the Canon 5D Mark II

I have been shooting Canon for my still photography work for quite some time now. I may actually be somewhat of an oddity because I am mostly a landscape and architecture photographer and it seems to me many people chose Nikon as their camera of choice if that is what they shoot, but I guess I started with Canon and will probably stay there unless someone gives me a stable of Nikon gear. I must admit I do lust after that 9 image auto bracket when it comes to my HDR work but that is a much different story.


Prints Tecumseh Poem from Act of Valor Movie

Many of the visitors have been asking me if they can buy a print or some kind of wall hanging of the poem to hang on their walls in their home or office. So after many requests I contracted with the design team at OxRun LLC to come up with something that is beautiful and respectful of Chief Tecumseh, the poem and the movie.

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