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Hoar frost Minnesota Morning

Many of you who do not live in Minnesota may think Minnesota is a frozen wasteland much of the year. It may even be true that as I get a little older there are more and more reasons to agree with that description of this place. But even a frozen wasteland has its advantages. Once in a while we in Minnesota get to experience the amazing spectacle of God’s creation in the magic of hoar frost.


Hoarfrost, Eagan Minnesota

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We sure had some amazing hoarfost in Eagan, MN today. And then it stayed for hours and hours.
I was able to capture quite a nice little collection of images today.


Why photographs are so important

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As a photographer, I know how important images are for people to be able to capture certain memories, and it is my mission to share this knowledge with as many people as possible. Firstly, one of the main functions of a photograph is to capture the atmosphere of a moment or memory that is special in some way. There is something to be said about gazing at an image and having it evoke memories and emotions in you, feelings that had been fading with time. With a photograph, you will never forget something that you want to remember, and you will always be able to refresh it in you memory.


Wells Fargo Center Minneapolis

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This is another fine example of the best camera is the one that you have with you. I shot this with my Samsung Galaxy IIs phone camera. I must admit I was shocked how this tured out. What fun. So get out and shoot with your camera phones.

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