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Graffiti Graveyard Duluth MN

Have you ever heard of the concept Graffiti Graveyard? I did a little Google search to see if this was a common name and if there were places like this throughout the country or even throughout the world but all I have not come up with anything. So this must be something peculiar to the City of Duluth Minnesota.


World Encounter – A Tapestry of Tanzania

I do not know about you, but I have always had an interest or maybe even a passion to be involved with two special types of aide organizations. The first one is the type of agency that brings clean water to small desperate communities throughout the world and the second is the type of organization or ministry that provides micro loans to tiny entrepreneurs around the world. Well World Encounter is this second type of organization and I was contacted by my great friend Stephanie Gates to see if I would be the photographer for their fundraising event. I said yes in a heartbeat, even before I check my schedule. This whimsical scheduling methodology luckily even worked out for me this time so I was indeed able to go.


Canvas Prints

If you have never tried printing huge canvas prints, now just might be the time.

I was contacted by the industries Brendan at Easy Canvas Prints to see if I would do a review on their canvas prints. I immediately agreed because I have never printed any of my images large on canvas and it was high time that I got it done. So I jumped at the chance to create a canvas print.

Easy Canvas Prints ( offers high quality, gallery-ready prints at an affordable price. I was a bit overwhelmed with the possibilities that could be created. But not only that, Easy Canvas Prints also offers an extensive idea gallery ( – a wedding picture, a beach picture from our recent trip to North Carolina, a picture of the pups or a nice family photo. The possibilities are endless. I knew I wanted to keep my canvas landscape related or something to do with fine art. I knew just the image, the pier shot for North Carolina!! Most excellent.


Cool Sr Portraits in Minneapolis

This past week a woman contacts me with an emergency email, “Help this is an emergency.” “Senior portraits are due on October 14th and I do not have them done yet. Can you help me?” Well luckily I had Saturday morning open and I knew it was going to be a gorgeous fall day so I was all over it.

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