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U2 Minneapolis 2011 – The 360 Tour

U2 Minneapolis 2011 – The 360 Tour

This may have been the concert of a life time.
There is a reason why U2 has experienced such huge success and career longevity in this crazy music industry when many bands can’t sell any albums (ok cds, dvds or mp3s) and most bands cannot fill up a giant venue. That reason is showmanship and respect for the audience. U2 puts on a show that will blow your mind, and probably your ears also (my ears are still ringing).


Senior Portrait Shoot: Evan

This weekend I was out on a Senior High School Portrait shoot with a great young man from Burnsville Highschool, Evan. Evan is a huge sports kid, so much of our task would be to capture his athleticism and his masculinity.


How to Photograph Fireworks Displays

Every year around the 4th of July I get the question how do you shot images from the great national holiday that look rich and capture part of the experience? It looks so hard it must be next to impossible to do right?

Well with a little bit of knowledge and some basic equipment, and essentials, you can capture these moments using your digital camera allowing you to keep these moments for posterity. So even if you’ve never tried photographing fireworks displays, it’s relatively easy to do using the information presented below.

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