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Eagan Minnesota Photographer – Senior Portraits, Engagements, Family Portraits

As an award winning Eagan Minnesota based photographer and artist, Wayne loves to shoot senior high school portraits, engagements, family portraits and all kinds of fun events. The spring and summer are ideal times to get these special moments captured for posterity but Wayne is not limited to just warm weather. He shoots all yr long in all kinds of interesting and fun conditions.


Use your color histogram to correct your white balance

Have you ever noticed that when you are shooting an image, you look at the image on your screen on your camera and you notice right away that the colors do not look right? You know, they are too blue or too red or whatever. Yes you can run into this situation even when you are shooting with a camera that has a great auto white balance setting. As you get more and more careful with the quality of your images and when you want to capture super high quality images the first time so that you can limit post production edits. So how do you fix this color issue which is a white balance issue?

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