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Stars and Stripes and Lines and Squares: IDS Tower

Stars and Stripes and Lines and Squares: IDS Tower
This flag hangs inside the IDS Tower in downtown Minneapolis. Just walking through this place always intrigues me and makes me want to find new ways to capture it.


Doing what you believe to be right even at a cost

So today I received a call from AARP (Yes the huge senior’s organization). At first I was thinking I was getting old and they were calling to offer me a membership. But alas, it was something else. They were calling to request that I would be their photographer at the Minnesota State Fair. I would get all kinds of press coverage and get links to my web site and all that stuff bla bla bla…


Minneapolis Skyline: Morning Springtime

As I walk around Minneapolis I continually see views that interest me and I think of new ways to shoot them. Nicollet Mall in Minneapolis is a place of continual surprise. From all the great lines and curves of the architecture, to the music, food people and action on Thursday’s Farmers Market, then you add on top of that the new Twin’s stadium; the place is often abuzz with life.


Working with off camera lighting: Canon 5D Mark II, Cybersync, and various Nikon and Canon Flashes.

So I received my new (used) nikon sb 24 flash (yes I know I am a canon guy), and the Cybersync transmitter and receivers , the light stands and umbrellas etc so last night I had some time to work with them and try to get the whole package working.
To my surprise, it was easy to get the Nikon firing with my canon 5D Mark II. I even was able to fire the Nikon light with my light meter hoocked up to the radio transmitter.

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