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Digital Camera Buying Guide – The rules for buying a camera this Christmas

I know how complex and overwhelming it can be when you are thinking of buying a camera. There are features and size and price and Mega-pixels and lenses on and on and on. Even I get overwhelmed and I supposedly understand this stuff. Well these guidelines or let’s call it a buyer guide or even rule book will help you buy and keep the right digital camera for you. The digital camera market has grown exponentially these past few years and there is a huge choice of cameras for the consumer. My advice for you, go through this checklist and by the time you are done with it, you should in the end be able to find the right camera for your needs.


Minneapolis Stone Arch Bridge – Wayne Moran Photography

The Stone Arch Bridge is a classic symbol of Minneapolis. It is a view of an era gone by, mixed with the modern. The bridge built buy a great railroad baron, was used to create much of the wealth of the region being the means by which grain could come to market in the breadbasket of the country. This image is one of Wayne’s most popular, being used for book covers, marketing material for local corporations and art on many fine homes.


20% Discount on Custom Framing

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