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Photo of the Day: Mean Sky

Mean Sky Originally uploaded by !!WaynePhotoGuy. My daughter was out shooting again. Some of us have no time to get out. Ah the joy of youth. Anyway, she has a fasination with the evening sky.Great work girl!


Photo of the Day: Alone in the Cold: For Kyle Burris

Alone in the Cold: For Kyle Originally uploaded by !!WaynePhotoGuy. Sometimes, many times in this world we stand alone. This picture is in honor of Kyle Burris. Keep on trucking Kyle. Your bravery is humbling. In case the link is not working you can cut and paste this…


Photo of the Day: I bet I beat you…

me and myself and chess Originally uploaded by !!WaynePhotoGuy. With the help of some friends I am trying to stretch my technical techniques in post production photo work. I have a ways to go yet, but we must start somewhere. Thanks for the encouragement friends.


Digital Photography Tips ~ From Steve

Digital Photography – Want Better Colors? Have you ever come upon a scene where the color was just magnificent? You know, it was like all of the colors seemed to have been "turned up" a notch or two. The greens were vibrant, the blues were striking the reds were intense—you get the picture. If you’re […]


Photo of the Day: The Dead of Winter

The Dead of Winter Originally uploaded by !!WaynePhotoGuy. Sometimes in the winter the nights gets so long and depression sets in…But way down deep we know that spring is coming…

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