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Photo of the Day: Christmas Rush

Christmas rush Originally uploaded by !!WaynePhotoGuy. Well, the rush is on for Christmas. My hope for all of us is that we may be able to slow down and appreciate the real reason for the season. The coming of Jesus, the Christ to earth as our savior.


Fabulous photo beginner guidelines

Ok you bought your new digital camera and you are out taking pictures but you noticed that they do not look like the professional’s pictures in the magazines.  So you ask yourself, self, how they do that? You think and you think and you think but you just can’t come up with an answer.  So […]


Photo of the Day: The Evil Cat

Cat Originally uploaded by !!MNPhotoGuy. So, we are having a stare down contest to see if she is going to kill me or if I am just going to lift her off the bed. Well, I’m still alive.


President Bush Close Up in Kyoto, Japan

President Bush Close Up Originally uploaded by Jon Charest. My friend Jon was invited to the President’s speech during his recent visit to Kyoto, Japan. He says "it was great to see him in person and then later see the event on the news that evening." This is Jon’s work.


Photo of the day: Phipps house B&B Hudson Wi

Phipps house BB Hastings011 Originally uploaded by !!MNPhotoGuy. My wife and I were able to get away from the wild craziness of regular life this past weekend. We went to the Phipps House in Hudson WI for a Friday night away. The place was fantastic! Well maintained and run by a charming couple. I would […]


Photo of the Day: Fences

A fence on Summit Avenue Originally uploaded by !!MNPhotoGuy. A fence is sometimes intended to keeps things out and sometimes it is intended to keep things in. Sometimes it is purely for decoration. What is your fence for?


Photo of the Day:Blurred Stained Glass

Blurred stained glass window – St Thomas Church Originally uploaded by !!MNPhotoGuy. Sometimes life can get a little bit out of focus. First of all is important to see that your life is out of focus, then it is important to ask God and friends to help put it back into focus. Thank you friends. […]


The Rule of Thirds

In both the world of "regular" art (sketching and painting) and photography there is a concept called the rule of thirds.  This basic rule helps to make your art interesting.  You know, sometimes it gets a bit boring if all your work is centered perfectly.  This is a problem for me quite often because of […]


Christian Artist Community

In this blogging world, there seems to be a community for everyone and a place to go for your personal interest.  We were thinking the exact same thing but we could not find a spot for our interest. Who are we?  Well Natalie Jost is the proprietor of Digery Studios ( and I am Wayne, […]


Picture of the Day: Minnesota Fall Sunset

Minnesota Fall Sunset Originally uploaded by !!MNPhotoGuy. There are very few of these left. Enjoy it while you can.

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