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Minneapolis Fine Art Photography ~ The Genesis

“Let There be Light” comes from the book of Genesis , the story of creation. That verse is meaningful to many photographers because much of our work is capturing the beauty of our environment around us. The skill that makes one a great photographer is to be able to capture what is around us in incredible light. The process of capturing the amazing creation around us and producing incredible art makes us dare I say co-creators or maybe a better way to put it is we are using the God given attribute of creativity to produce our art. As said so wonderfully by David Levi Strauss

“Photography is light-writing, the language of images. Less abstract than written or spoken language, it selects images from the existing world of appearances and arranges them in patterns. The camera-eye doesn’t think, it recognizes. It shows us what we already know, but don’t know that we know.”

This website is all about giving you access to the novel of my work through a collection of my “light writings” that have both moved me and moved my audiences to new levels of communication and understanding. I hope you enjoy your visit.

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What We Do

My style of capturing photographs has not happened on purpose. It has been a process of discovering what my natural passions and inclinations are when it comes to capturing beauty. I have discovered that my photography subjects and style tends to be broken into four separate categories.
Landscape Art - Let There Be Light Fine Art Photography of Wayne Moran

I have determined that the best landscape photography comes from being out when “normal” people are not. That you are out very early, very late, in stormy weather or when it is colder than most humans find enjoyable.

Cityscape Art - Let There Be Light Fine Art Photography of Wayne Moran

I am drawn to the beauty of cityscapes. A perfect cityscape must combine three characteristics a great city, an iconic characteristic of the city and great light.

Architecture Art - Let There Be Light Fine Art Photography of Wayne Moran

Every great architect is – necessarily – a great poet. He must be a great original interpreter of his time, his day, his age. – Frank Lloyd Wright

Black and White Fine Art - Let There Be Light Fine Art Photography of Wayne Moran
Black and White

Capturing an image in black and white forces a photographer to remove all distractions and concentrate on what makes an image striking or interesting.

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General Process of Our Works

Many people have asked me, how do you produce such amazing work? These are the basis steps used to come to a final product.
My best work comes from images first painted in my mind. I mull over a prospective image for weeks or months, seeing it from different angles and perspectives, then finally deciding what to capture, I take action. The result is images that deeply touch a person’s emotions and powerfully evoke memories and dreams.

Light is always the magic ingredient that makes for a great image so if I am going to be photographing a landscape, cityscape or some architecture I also need to plan for the perfect light. That means watching weather conditions, knowing where the sun is going to be and then finally watching for clouds, smoke, haze or other conditions that will make an image powerful and unique.

There are times where is makes sense to just be ready for that opportunity when amazing conditions come even when I was not expecting them. The bottom line is planning and flexibility make for the best opportunities to capture amazing images. So I have learned to always be ready with all of the needed equipment to capture that image that I have been planning for so long.


Photoshop is an indispensable tool for the professional photographer. It is true I take great pains to capture the perfect image the first time but there are always items in an image that must be removed or enhanced to make the image perfect. Remember this is photographic art not photographing a crime scene. Photography is art not reality.

The steps in retouching are:

  • Remove Distractions
  • Enhance Color and/or Contrast
  • Crop to perfection
The final step is to determine what format the image would look best as a displayed work of art. This step includes determine if it would be best on canvas or as a framed image. If it will be framed, what is the ideal size and what are the most stunning matting and framing options. I have gone through this work for most of my images and have made recommendations for you at the online store. There are examples of what we have found to work best and present the work as stunning art.

Let There Be Light Fine Art

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